Stuff You Want To Know – September 7, 2016

I get an absolutely OUTLANDISH amount of content from around the web deposited into my email inbox every week. I’m not complaining… after all, I’m a coach and it’s my job to stay on top of things throughout the strength and conditioning, fitness and sports psychology worlds. That being said, a whole bunch of it is crap that I can’t delete fast enough.

Occasionally, however, some real gems filter through the bullshit, and since I’m having to read it all anyway I’ve decided to save YOU some time and put some of those gems in one place each week. And so behold: the Stuff You Want To Know list is born…

This week’s Stuff includes:

  • a fucking brilliantly written article from The Apex about the WFTDA Montreal Playoffs,

  • an interesting editorial on coaching women by the coach of the USA Weightlifting National Championship Catalyst Athletics team, Greg Everett,

  • some thoughts on the basics of sport performance training by Crossfit coach, Justin Lind,

  • an instructional video on the RIGHT way to stretch your hip flexors (most people get this one wrong) by Dr. John Rusin,

  • and some cool roller derby app downloads for NSO’s.

Great Stuff, right?

Read on…


Got some Stuff that you think I should include in the list? Give me some info and I’ll peruse your Stuff asap.



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Justass of the Piece

Whether it's in an introduction for my business or an "about me" section of a social media site, I find that writing about myself is always one of the hardest things to do. The phrase "I'm a ..." has always filled me with anxiety. I guess then that the easiest way is to start with the basics. I'm in my early 40's, have no kids but do have two pit bulls who think they are children, am married to a giant Scotsman and I currently spend the majority of my time coaching both athletes and regular 9-5ers to get stronger, faster and more physically powerful. Although I currently work predominantly in strength and conditioning/fitness, I am also a licensed attorney and still handle a case or two on occasion and serve as a guardian ad litem for the court system here in South Florida. I've never been one to be defined by a job and over the years I've played a whole lot of different roles, including exotic dancer (i.e. stripper), concert promoter, entertainment agent, motorcycle shop owner, magazine editor and cocktail waitress. I have multiple bachelor's degrees, an associate degree in music production and, of course my law degree. I've also got a bunch of different strength and conditioning and fitness certifications from various national and private organizations including the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and the Titleist Performance Institute. My strength and conditioning career stemmed from my days as an athlete, when I played softball and basketball in high school in college and roller derby and American football until just a few years ago when I retired from contact sports. I've recently started training for Highland Heavy Athletics too, so I guess you can say I want to do "all the things." The same applies in my non-work life. I love hiking, kitesurfing (I'm terrible at it but love it nonetheless), camping, spending time at the beach, going to concerts, spending time at the zoo, skydiving or driving around in my ridiculously non-ecologically friendly Jeep with my dogs. Oh, and I'm learning to play Irish Tin Whistle. Yep, I'm pretty eclectic. Although I've dabbled with writing in the past (mostly travel stories for the motorcycle magazine that I used to edit), I've never done so on a consistent basis or with any sort of deeper purpose in mind. I'm hoping that the stories I share on both #haveshoeswilltravel and rollerderbystrengthcoach will do just that... help others learn some stuff and maybe even give them incentives to try new things.

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